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Grand Theft Auto III Real GTA3

Grand Theft Auto III  Real GTA3 Free Download



Grand Theft Auto III is a 2001 sandbox-style action-adventure computer and video game developed by DMA Design (now Rockstar North) in the United Kingdom, and published by Rockstar Games.

Grand Theft Auto III Real GTA3 mod programming for Windows and introduce on your PC effectively and rapidly. The project Grand Theft Auto III Real GTA3 mod is produced by Petr Doupal. Redesign the look and feel of GTA 3 with this extra. Current adaptation 1.0 with document size of 107.72MB, perfect with Windows 98/Me/2000/XP working frameworks accessible for Free download on Telecomfile programming catalog for your PC. This is a mainstream mod for GTA III that overhauls Liberty City to look significantly more like a normal American city. Included are new autos, new weapons, structures, connects, and even the Statue of Liberty. So don’t hesitate to download Grand Theft Auto III RealGTA3 mod securely and safely on your PC.

You can likewise download well known snares, Style, Sapodillas, Sports and Butterfly Fish programming and applications. Telecomfile does not have Grand Theft Auto III RealGTA3 mod programming or application on its site for direct download. You can download the product specifically from trusted sites. Fabulous Theft Auto III RealGTA3 mod android application may likewise be accessible alongside download and establishment guide. 

Great Theft Auto III RealGTA3 mod for Windows is most well known programming accessible for download. You can likewise read client audits and programming rating, remarks and Grand Theft Auto III RealGTA3 mod screenshot pictures and video instructional exercises to take in the establishment process with no dithering.

This is a popular mod for GTA III that updates Liberty City to look even more like an average American city. Included are new cars, new weapons, buildings, bridges, and even the Statue of Liberty. Each car has been redesigned and some familiar businesses have taken up shop in Liberty City. Weapons are stronger, trees have been replaced, new bridges have been added and previously closed areas are now open to exploration. 

 Screen Shoots


Stupendous Theft Auto III is an activity experience amusement played from a third-individual perspective. Players complete missions—straight situations with set targets—to advance through the story. It is conceivable to have a few dynamic missions running at one time, as a few missions oblige players to sit tight for further guidelines or events. Outside of missions, players can uninhibitedly wander the diversion’s open world, and can finish alternative side missions. Freedom City is made out of three districts: Portland, Stauton Island, and Shoreside Vale; the islands are opened to players as the story progresses.

Players may run, hop or utilize vehicles to explore the diversion’s world.In battle, auto-point can be utilized as help against enemies. Should players take harm, their wellbeing meter can be completely recovered using wellbeing pick-ups. Body reinforcement can be utilized to retain discharges and dangerous harm, yet is spent in the process. When wellbeing is altogether exhausted, gameplay stops, and players respawn at the closest healing facility, to the detriment of losing all weapons and protection, and a measure of money. 

In the event that players carry out violations while playing, the diversion’s law implementation organizations may react as demonstrated by a “needed” meter in the head-up showcase (HUD). On the meter, the showed stars demonstrate the ebb and flow needed level(for instance, at the most extreme six-star level, endeavors by law authorization to debilitate players turn out to be exceptionally aggressive). Law requirement officers will look for players who leave the needed region.

The diversion gives players a chance to control the quiet criminal Claude. During the story, Claude meets different new characters from posses. As players finishes missions for various packs, kindred posse individuals will regularly shield players, while rival group individuals will perceive players and in this way shoot on sight. While free meandering the amusement world, players may participate in exercises, for example, a vigilante minigame, a putting out fires action, and a taxi service.

System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
  • Processor: Pentium 3 @ 450 MHz
  • Memory: 96 MB
  • Hard Drive: 500 MB free
  • Video Memory: 16 MB
  • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
  • DirectX: 8.1


File Size: 107.71MB


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